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small & large pack contains;

 100ml or 250ml tea tree & peppermint shampoo- very gentle sulphate free formular, use regulary after the lice is gone and you will keep on top of them, use after you have used the oil.

100ml or 250ml tea tree & peppermint conditioner, if theres any eggs left they will slide off with this when using the nit comb provided

120ml or 250ml hair nourish peppermint & tea tree- spray this on every morning and comb thru, nourishs hair and untangles, also and most importantly deters the lice from jumping on.

100ml or 250ml Head Lice Oil- this is the treatment to kill them and to be used first. massage oil thru hair leave on for approx half hour(or longer if wanted as its not going to hurt) put a hair cover on (provided in pack) to protect furniture etc.

x3 or 7 hair covers plus 1 or 3 steel head lice combs


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